AssetNumber: CTG~GT2-0409
Category: Gas Turbines
Capacity: 47MW
Voltage: 10.5 kV/11.0 kV
Cycles: 50 hz
Condition: “0” Time
Quantity: 3
Location: Western Europe
Manufacturer: Siemens
Fuel Type(s): Duel Fuel
Price: $0.00

Three (3) SGT 800 50Hz.Gas Turbine Generator Sets w/DLE Brand: Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Output Capacity:47MW Cycles: 50 Condition: New Surplus Voltage: 10.5 kV/11.0 kV Fuel Type: Dual Fuel SGT-800 General Technical Specifications Axial Compressor 15-stage axial-flow compressor– 3 stages variable guide vanes Electron-beam welded rotor Cr-steel blades and vanes Abradable seals Controlled diffusion airfoils Combustor and Emissions Control: DLE combustion system 30 dual-fuel DLE burners in damped combustor Welded annular sheet metal design. Thermal-barrier-coated inner surface Fuel System: Gas only or dual-fuel (gas/diesel). On-load fuel changeover capability Load-rejection capability. Gas-supply pressure requirement: 27-30 bar(a) (390-435 psi(a)). Turbine: Single-module high-efficiency 3-stage turbine – two first stages and stator flanges are air-cooled – third stage with interlocking shrouds Bearings: Tilting-pad radial and thrust bearings Vibration and temperature monitoring. Speed Reduction Gearbox: Double helical design Cold-end-driven generator Speeds of 1,500 rpm and 1,800 rpm to suit 50 Hz or 60 Hz operation Generator: Four-pole design Rated voltage: 10.5 kV/11.0 kV 50 Hz Protection IP54 PMG for excitation power supply Complies with -IEC/EN 6034-1 standard Lubrication: Lubricating oil system placed on separate skid (Classic Package), or integrated on GT-skid (Single Lift Package) 3×50% AC-driven lube oil pumps with DC backup Oil cooler and oil heaters Starting: Electric VSD start-motor connected to the gearbox Control System: Siemens Simatic control system Distributed Inputs/Outputs Other: Straight axial exhaust Fire and gas detection equipment Compressor cleaning options Combustion air inlet filtration with options for static, pulse cleaning and HEPA Enclosure in carbon or stainless steel. Noise level options (85dB(A) standard).

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