AssetNumber: CTG~GTD-1401
Category: Gas Turbines
Capacity: 15 MW
Voltage: NA
Cycles: 50/60 hz
Quantity: 3
Location: Western Europe
Manufacturer: Avon
Fuel Type(s): Duel Fuel
Price: $0.00

The Three (3) Avon 1535-161 Gas Generators are currently configured for natural gas fuel but can be converted to liquid fuel or dual-fuel for an additional fee. All units are offered with our standard OEM warranty of one year from installation or 18 months from delivery, whichever occurs earlier. Also, we can confirm that these units are suitable for black start, peak lopping or continuous base operation. We can propose to kit the engines with 110V DC nose cone starter suitable for connection to a black start battery pack.

The units can be driven to site, secured to foundation, connected to fuel and substation and be ready for commissioning in a very short period. CTG can provide engineering, installation and commissioning. These units are suitable for emergency, construction, camp power or any quick delivery need. Warranty ist included for 60 cycle operation only. Spare parts package is available under separate offering. Units are priced for quick sale. Available subject only to prior sale. This is a cash sale (US Dollars) only. Letters of Credit are not accepted. Must have ready liquid funds and verifiable. Need Letter of Intent (LOI) and Bank Letter of Comfort (BLOC) in order to negotiate for their purchase. Need 25% Cash Deposit and Balance Prior to Ship. Inspections are welcome with LOI and BLOC.

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