Welcome To FID Point

A unique combination of engineering excellence, management expertise and precision technology enables us to remain one of the leading positions as an Engineering services & industrial supplier.

Who We Are

We are a leading high standards solutions provider for the Power Generation and Oil & Gas Industries as Engineering, Procurement, Consultancy and project management.

Our Services

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As a business, we always look to the future, challenging ourselves to define the best way to make a positive impact across the rapidly changing energy industry. To guide us in this we’ve set out a clear vision, mission and values which we share across our organization.

We always look up to our Vision : Delivering Exceptional Capabilities across the Full Project Lifecycle.
To guide us in this, we vouch to deliver exceptional engineering & services and operating capabilities to the energy industry across the full project lifecycle, ensuring maximum return for clients and demonstrating technical excellence in all we do.


  • Attend to each client’s specific needs with our diverse set of design and consulting engineering technical services.
  • Listen to our clients to understand their business and financial needs.
  • Collaborate internally on recommendations for our clients.
  • Build long-term relationships within our buyer and vendor network.
  • Execute our assignments with the utmost integrity, quality, and professionalism.
  • Create value for the client by being creative, adept and cost conscious.
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“Shaping the delivery of tomorrow’s energy”



CTG Power Systems International Inc. (CTG-PSI) is a leading provider for global engineering, procurement, and project management services (EPCM) services for electrical power generation facilities…Find Out More

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